Sunday, June 22, 2008

And then Iceland kicked our ass....again..twice

After our initial, failed attempt to enter the interior (two weeks ago) we stuck to the coast and swung all the way around the island. Finally, in Kirkjubaerklauster (church, convent) we got the go-ahead from Vegagerdin (the road maintenance folks) that the interior had officially opened up. In Lil' Suz, as we dubbed her, we went storming off into the interior to Lanmannalaugar, one of the most amazing places we visited. En route, we were once again confronted with the challenge of fording a river. Confident, due to advice from our glacier guide Einard, we (Morgan) drove full speed ahead and plunged through the water. Sure enough Lil' Suz made it, and we proceeded to go splashing through about ten other bodies of water to arrive at Lanmannalaugar around 11pm. Though we slept in the car that night, we woke with a new found confidence and continued on, in pursuit of ice cream and the Kljour Route... No ice cream, but lots of chocolate covered raisins later we found F 35 (Kljour) and hit the gas. Not 40 km down the road, we saw a turn off, and thought.. sure.. lets take it... the turn off sucked, there were no glacier lagoons as hoped, but instead a significant body of water at the end, just before the main road. Fueled by our confidence of river crossings from the day before I gave the go ahead.... big mistake. Lil' Suz, and the two of us made it out of the water, but her rear suspension didn't.... Please see photo below... Disheartened we were forced to call Budget.... who sent Johann three hours later, a new 4x4 (Deborah) and a bill for $3000. (Contributions can be made to the Morgan Levy Relief Fund). I cried a little, and then we moved on, and lo and behold, less than two hours after getting our new motor vehicle, we got a flat. It took a rope tied around my waist tied to the tire, and Jason lying on the dirt road, under the car to kick the tire from behind (sadly no photo to illustrate this) but we got the tire off and made it, exhausted, out of the interior. Fortunately things have only gone up... we found the worlds most amazing bakery, and spent the solstice (the sun never set) looking at Snaefellesjokull.

We have good reason to believe that a troll turned into a boulder in the river, and actually ripped out the bottom of Lil' Suz.

Kåuntrybaer (yes... a country bar)

RIP Lil' Suz

Oh Deborah...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Double Rainbows and Jokullhaulps!

Today's pictures were brought to you by:
-Vatnajokull, the glacier we climbed today for six flipping hours
-Jokullarson, the charming glacial lagoon
-And yes, I had that hat first

from glaciers on high...

happy birthday to sara (one day early) and frank (today)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

And then there were humpbacks....

From the north... today marks the half way point of our journey around Iceland.
These pictures are of:
-deluxe private whale watching tour with the french documentary film team
-documentation of our over night hike through lake Myvatn and over a serious crater at sunrise

Us right now


three am sunrise

the top of the mother f*cking crater (jason carried all my photo equip up 1200 feet)

see... look how happy i am compared to him

this was the "hard" way down.. note the sign

the boat regular people take to see whales

the private whale watching boat


the best ice cream in iceland

baby lammies

tourist shot...

three super cool dudes in Akeuryri