Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 6, Fish Factory Day

there are more baby sheep (lambs) than we know what to do with

We climbed to the top of this crater

Yes... I'm actually camping, Dad.

and working...

Now from a parking lot in Isafjord in the Western Fjords....

After getting stuck in the interior at 5am, watching two episodes of the Wire on Jason's computer until we were pulled out at 1oam... we sort of decided to stick to paved roads and head underground where we thought things would be a little warmer... until the snow melted a little more

The images above are of our travels north up into the western fjords and around Husafell (still daringly close the glacier that got us the first time)

The images above are of the following:
-lava tubes
-cliffs, cliffs, cliffs (of fjords)
-some dogs we met
-puffins at the most western point in Europe
-two cool dudes in a fish factory... yes, a fish factory

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